Smart desk Tabula Sense

New generation of Custom-build furniture

New generation of Custom-build furniture

Combination of modern design with newest technology for the most comfortable working environment. Built-in gadgets eliminate the need for extra cords for the best user-friendly experience.

Tabletop is 146x75.5 cm. Veneer-made with natural wood finish. All wooden surfaces are treated wood-toned oil. The top is water and stain resistant. Edges is protected by anodized aluminum.

For delivery timing and cost please email us directly or contact your local dealer.

Tabula Sense Custom

In case you are looking for a tailor-made solution - Tabula Sense Custom is specially designed for that! Different shapes, colours, finishing and variety of options. Smart Conference Room Desks and cheaper versions of our serial model. Please have a look at our video and download our PDF presentation.